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What if dancing could heal the world? In Dance Magic, it can.

Imagine a world where every person is not only a dancer, but also a warrior fighting for peace on Earth. These people have developed Dance Magic, a new form of biological energy that can only be realized by dancing. From the smallest personal disagreement to widespread military conflicts—all can be resolved through dancing duels.

Now worldwide peace is threatened by a rising evil. A powerful dancer has plans to use Dance Magic to take over the planet. People will die and the power of dance will be used to destroy, not to heal. Join the fight to stop him! Take part in the most important dance-off of all. You and your friends can save the planet, and the human race!


Key Features

  • A unique music game exclusively available for PlayStation 3. PlayStation Move support provides an even more genuine dancing experience.
  • Explore seven diverse dance styles ranging from Hip Hop and Disco to Latin and Break Dance.
  • Face off in thrilling locations: dance on the roof of a skyscraper or under the vault of a gothic castle.
  • Customize characters with accessories that provide special abilities during dancing duels.
  • Dance to more than 20 musical tracks—enough to get anyone moving! Additional new songs can be purchased from the PlayStation Store.
  • Enjoy different playing modes including campaign, free dance, collaborate dance with friends, and cooperative dance via PlayStation Network.
  • Choose from three difficulty settings: Casual, Normal, and Advanced.
  • Replay battles to top your best score and win new trophies.

Targem Games

Gaijin Entertainment



Release Date:
January 2013


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