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Fantasy Conflict, a new adventurous strategy game from the creators of Modern Conflict, is set in a faraway kingdom of Baldoria.

As usual, there is a petty tyrant king in a dressing gown, greedy gnomes are a number one enemy, and the most valuable thing in the kingdom is the crystal that makes the royal clock go off every morning. Now add wooden ballistic missiles, battle dirigibles, as well as black and white magic to the mix – and an amazingly cheerful, enthralling, and exciting cocktail called Fantasy Conflict is ready!

And everything was going well until one fine October morning king Salodor the IVth did not wake up at the usual time. Indeed, the king overslept, and it all happened because the gnomes (who else?) stole the precious crystal that kept the time itself going in the kingdom. Vengeance is inevitable, peace is out of the question, and now the valiant royal army is in hot pursuit of the little thieves while spreading the enlightened monarchy across the neighboring provinces.

The courageous guards of Salodor the IVth, armed with the most advanced weaponry, led by the most skilful commanders of Baldoria, and even more – possessing the knowledge of long-forgotten magic spells, will be fighting for the king until the last gnome flees the battlefield. But is this the right way of things for the great power, and does the gnome-chancellor Odin van Nasmark represent the stronghold of the national thread to Baldoria's crystals? The answers will be revealed to the most courageous and dedicated players!


Key Features

  • Adventures full of humor, magic and fabulous characters
  • Interesting and addicting campaign consisting of 35 diverse missions
  • 6 exciting missions in Survival mode
  • Your own castles that you can upgrade, expand and arm
  • Your pocket army with soldiers and gnomes, cannons and even air balloons
  • A set of original magic spells and amulets that you can upgrade and use in battle
  • Numerous game achievements and rewards as well as achievements in the online service OpenFeint

Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin Entertainment


iOS, Android

Release Date:
September, 2012


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