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"There's a surprising amount of strategic depth to be found, and there's no greater joy than waiting until my opponents have ordered all their troops away from a base, then striking with a massive squadron of helicopters to steal everything the poor fools ever knew or loved." - GamePro - Score 90

"Modern Conflict is a clever and extremely addictive action title that will require sharp observation and quick-witted tactics to survive; however it's not hard to blame some who feel it's quite literally been done before." - AppSpy - Score 80

"I have played Modern Conflict on and off since I got it over two months ago. That says a lot, as around 90% of the games on my phone are played once and then never again." - TouchGen - Score 86

Modern Conflict is simple but incredibly addictive. Tap to select units and then tap to send them into battle. Repeat until you win! If you lose, just rethink your strategy and try again. You’ll keep coming back as it’s so easy to have just one more go!

Key Features

  • One-touch real-time strategy at your fingertips
    An interactive tutorial introduces intuitive controls, while missions gradually increase in difficulty!
  • Battle across the globe in an addictive campaign mode
    Engage in 33 missions across America, Russia and China!
  • A never ending strategic challenge
    Play missions with increasingly numerous strategic opponents in Survival Modes!
  • Powerful units and explosive abilities
    Including air strikes, reinforcements and many more!
  • Compare and compete with fellow players around the world
    Compare with Modern Conflict players anywhere with a library of achievements and leaderboards!

Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin Entertainment


iOS, Android

Release Date:
9 July, 2010


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