Vehicle Combat MMO ‘Crossout’ Moves Into Closed Beta Today; Adds Player Created Bosses

5 April 2016

Award-winning developer and publisher of smash hit, War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games today announced that the post-apocalyptic vehicle combat MMO, Crossout, has now entered Closed Beta. With a host of new content to be added, including Virtual Reality support for full immersion into the vehicle construction process, Crossout will be continuously updated throughout the Beta testing phase. For more information, and to gain access to the Closed Beta, please visit:

Players entering into the Closed Beta will be fighting on the outskirts of desolated cities, abandoned factories, in the desert and on a brand new map - Founders Canyon. The map is littered with rocks and the remains of giant statues scattered throughout the canyon which create an obstacle filled battlefield. Players are encouraged to use the environment to their advantage and try different tactics to defeat opponent drivers. Fast cars can maneuver among the rocks and break into the enemy base jumping from the top of a high rock outcropping, while slow vehicles can defend bases.

The developer and publisher is also introducing custom player-created "Leviathans" which will be a serious danger for players in PvE modes. In a special compartment of the garage, players will be able to design and construct their full metal monsters using previously collected parts and weapons. Leviathan creators can send their newly created mechanical menace to fight with other players in the PvE battles, where they will be controlled by AI. Every time a Leviathan wins a battle against other players, its creator will reap the rewards of combat. Players can withdraw their Leviathan from PvE missions at any time to improve it or to construct a whole new monster to terrorize opponent players.

Leviathans are a high-level feature of Crossout and can be created by players who have gained high enough reputation and experience in both battles and construction in the Engineers faction. Factions play an integral part in Crossout, consisting of Engineers, Scavengers, Lunatics and Nomads. Once a player chooses a specific faction they can increase their battle experience and reputation and are rewarded with blueprints and faction parts to help them customize combat vehicles.

For access to the Closed Beta players can purchase Early Access Packs, these include a variety of goodies including unique vehicles, avatars, rare paints and patterns and some in-game currency. As an added benefit, the items contained in the Founders Pack will be re-gifted anew to players after the end of Closed Beta, so Founders will receive this content again to use in Open Beta. All participants of Crossout’s previous Battle Test will also get access to the Closed Beta.. For players who have not previously tried Crossout they can apply for Closed Beta access on the games official website where they might be in with a chance  to gain access to the next testing stages.

About Crossout
No two vehicles in Crossout are the same, as players can create any kind of combat vehicle from the speediest buggy to the heaviest of off-road vehicles to reflect their warrior sense of gameplay. Offering complete customisation, Crossout gives players thousands of possibilities to design their vehicle, including shape, armor, weapons, support systems and, of course, cosmetic enhancements. Visit your own garage to build new advanced mechanisms and sell them via the in-game auction system. 
Players also have multiple options when it comes to mass destruction - combat vehicles can be equipped with an explosive range of weapons from chainsaws, power drills and machine guns, to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators. Featuring an advanced damage model, destroy any part of an enemy machine and it will affect that vehicle's performance.

To find out more about Crossout check out the official website:


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