Gaijin Entertainment’s Action-Packed Braveheart Now Available for iPhone and iPad

2 December 2010

Award-winning video game developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced that their first self-published game, Braveheart, is now available in Apple’s App Store. In this expansive action / role-playing game, players will fight their way to the Holy Grail on their handheld iOS device of choice. Braveheart sells for $1.99 for iPhone / iPod Touch and $2.99 for iPad, with free lite versions also available for iPhone.

In Braveheart, players assume the role of Richard, a brave knight searching for the Holy Grail. The King has promised a hearty reward for Richard’s success, but this quest will not be easy. Numerous enemies and monsters stand in Richard’s way, with the Grail itself guarded by a massive dragon. To succeed, players must progress through a series of touch-controlled missions with help from 10 different weapons, plus power-ups and perks uncovered during combat.

The game world’s varied locations are spread out across four zones, with increasing difficulty and unique enemies and bosses in each location. The fantasy storyline unfolds through comic book style cutscenes interspersed between heart-pounding action sequences. In addition to the main quest, players can also participate in “challenge” gameplay to build skills, earn gold, and compete against friends. Braveheart supports the OpenFeint social platform, with certain in-game perks improving as more friends play the game.

Gaijin Entertainment, an independent game developer, has shipped a number of acclaimed action and strategy titles including Modern Conflict for iPhone and iPad.


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