Gaijin Entertainment Dishes Up Thanksgiving Treats on the App Store

21 November 2012

Gaijin Entertainment Dishes Up Thanksgiving Treats on the App Store
For a limited time, get a great deal on RTS hit Modern Conflict 2— with somefree Fantasy Conflict for dessert!

Gaijin Entertainment, an independent PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS game developer, is announcing special Thanksgiving deals on the App Store. Running between November 20 through 25, these limited time offers give real-time strategy fans an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy Fantasy Conflict for free, with prices slashed on the smash hit Modern Conflict 2.

Gaijin’s latest RTS, the whimsical Fantasy Conflict, can be downloaded for free for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to visit the fairy-tale world of Baldoria—a land inhabited by grumpy kings, valiant knights, and greedy gnomes—to enjoy a charming story told through a series of hilarious comics and join the fight over the kingdom’s precious crystals. In this exciting adventure full of humor, magic, and fabulous characters, prepare to test your skills in an addicting campaign consisting of 35 diverse missions, 6 survival campaigns, and a desperate battle for achievements and medals.

Download Fantasy Conflict for FREE for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

And while it’s downloading enjoy the latest Fantasy Conflict – First Flight video on YouTube:

And for players who prefer intense modern warfare, Gaijin has a gift for you too: all in-game items in Modern Conflict 2 are being offered at bargain prices! Side with one of the world’s superpowers in a desperate battle for global domination in the mobile game that turns the entire planet into a military test ground. Get ready to deploy artillery in the Gobi desert, build an airfield on a glacier, or camouflage your tanks in the tropical Amazon forests—with this holiday discount on in-game oil barrels, you’ll have exactly what you need to conquer the world! In Modern Conflict 2, you call the shots in a pocket-sized war, and with this incredible Thanksgiving deal, nothing will stand in your way!

Download Modern Conflict 2for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: (HD)


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