16 March 2017 War Thunder: Update 1.67 ‘Assault!’ Now Available!

Major New Update Adds Nearly Twenty New Vehicles and Three New Maps, New Co-Op ‘Assault’ Game Mode To Follow.

23 February 2017 Star Conflict Heroes: Now on Android!

After the successful launch on iOS earlier this month, the new Space Action RPG welcomes players on Android devices.

22 February 2017 War Thunder starts regular Naval Forces Pre-Beta events

Gaijin Entertainment today announced the start of regular weekly testing sessions for the second phase of its Naval Forces Pre-Beta test, available cross-platform on both PC and PS4.

9 February 2017 Star Conflict Heroes released!

New Space Action RPG for iOS lets players assemble their own armada of spaceships and fight to save the universe!

2 February 2017 Star Conflict Celebrates Fifth Birthday!

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s epic free-to-play MMO action game, Star Conflict, celebrates its fifth anniversary today, inviting all fans of the genre to join the festivities around the birthday of this vast game universe. The developers have introduced a variety of gifts for pilots who login to play between February 3rd and February 5th, and also shared their plans for the future development of the game.

21 December 2016 War Thunder Enters Release Of Main Game

Update ‘Way of the Samurai’ reveals the Japanese tanks, adds cockpit interiors for all aircraft, new vehicles, maps, additional improvements and moves the game out of Open Beta.

20 December 2016 Star Conflict Introduces Brand-New Class of Spacecraft with Recent Evolution Update

Introducing the crystalline vessels of Ellydium Corporation, the new class of starships can change their characteristics through ‘evolution’, yielding an unprecedented degree of combat flexibility for their captains.

12 December 2016 Enlisted - New WW2 FPS from Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software

Gaijin Entertainment Promises to Reinvest Game Sales into the Development of Additional Content and Consoles Versions of Enlisted.

16 November 2016 Crossout Introduces Clan Wars

Fame, Fortune and Relic Vehicle Parts for Competitive Players.


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