4 November 2016 Gaijin Entertainment Goes to Battle on Mobile with War Conflict

New Free To Play iOS and Android Strategy War Game Will Test The Skills Of Budding Armchair Generals.

24 October 2016 War Thunder with Knights of the Sea on PGA 2016

During this year's Poznań Game Arena, Gaijin Entertainment showed the upcoming War Thunder Naval Forces to old and new fans in Poland.

29 September 2016 War Thunder Update 1.63 'Desert Hunters' released!

War Thunder Update 1.63 'Desert Hunters' introduces exciting new Sinai and Greece maps and over 20 new vehicle additions.

5 September 2016 War Thunder partners with LG Electronics for IFA 2016

LG Electronics is presenting the world’s first 144 Hz IPS 21:9 UltraWide and new 4K monitors on IFA 2016 with War Thunder.

11 August 2016 Gaijin Entertainment announces naval battles for War Thunder

Naval Battles Launches in Closed Beta Later This Year with “Knights of the Sea”

4 August 2016 War Thunder Brings The Heat With Summer 1.61 Update ‘The Road to Glory’

New Vehicles Including Tanks and Planes Plus Reinforcements and New Squadron Battles

14 July 2016 ‘Shadows of Kurgansk’ Horror Adventure Game Terrorizes Steam in Early Access Launch

Shadows of Kurgansk Delivers Single-Player Horror Adventure Experience That Tests Players’ Survival Skills

27 June 2016 War Thunder A Success Story for Player Revenue Share

War Thunder’s content sharing platform provides incentive for ‘bedroom coders’ and player generated content

27 April 2016 Crazy Killer Stalks Steam Early Access Today

2nd Title To Come Out Of Gaijin Entertainment’s inCubator


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