31 May 2014 PlayStation®4 players will join the heated battles of WAR THUNDER: Ground Forces next week

War Thunder’s PlayStation®4 Launch Date in the US Signals the Global Release of Ground Forces with Cross Platform Compatibility Coming Very, Very Soon

17 May 2014 Ground Forces Expansion Rolls Into “War Thunder” Today On PC

Today, Gaijin Entertainment announced that they have unleashed a full-scale video game invasion with the launch of the Ground Forces Expansion in 1.41 update.

9 May 2014 War Thunder Takes to the Clouds Via OnLive

Gaijin Entertainment, award winning developer and publisher, and OnLive, the cloud gaming leader, have announced that the mega-hit WWII MMO War Thunder is now available via OnLive® Game Service. Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder was added to OnLive’s recently launched CloudLift™ - a new subscription model allowing fans to instantly access high end PC games anywhere using a wide array of connected devices, including mobile.

29 April 2014 War Thunder launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

Game Flier (International Corporation) and Gaijin Entertainment announced the launch of open beta test of the blockbuster military WWII MMO game War Thunder in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

18 April 2014 War Thunder update 1.39 goes live - supports user generated content

Update 1.39 Also Includes Squadron Battles, New Maps/Missions and Even More New Planes

4 April 2014 Star Conflict New Update Includes Oculus Rift and Linux Support

Star Gem Inc. & Gaijin Entertainment Celebrate the Two-Year Anniversary of Star Conflict with the Release of Major Update and Discounts.

1 April 2014 New Japanese war machine in War Thunder!

Gaijin Entertainment announces War Thunder will soon be introducing a new experimental unit for Japan Daikaidzu "Gaijilla" GD11a

21 March 2014 Skydive: Proximity Flight Is Now Available on Xbox 360!

Gaijin Entertainment and Topware Interactive today announced that the exhilarating sport of wingsuit flying is now available for download on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network as an Arcade game for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

7 March 2014 Gaijin Entertainment sets up partnership with OnLive cloud service

Developers of OnLive cloud service announced global relaucnh of the project. As a part of OnLive new version launched is the new OnLive Go business line, bringing the benefits of cloud gaming to MMOs and virtual world experiences. By providing an instant-start option at registration OnLive Go can offer consumers immediate access to a game, eliminating hours of download time, getting players into the game on the spot. OnLive Go also adds mobility to graphics-rich applications that require a powerful computer, enabling users to enjoy a high-quality experience on lower-end laptops, Macs and tablets. One of the first applications to showcase OnLive Go will be War Thunder.


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