7 July 2020 Ruthless post apocalyptic football begins in Crossout

Other updates include a dangerous new map with some mysterious ruins.

15 June 2020 Crossout players will find a new home for their vehicles at the cannibal farm

New tasks, vehicle parts, updated maps and other features added to the game.

26 May 2020 War Thunder update adds legendary supersonic jets and cross-console multiplayer

The Italian navy tech tree and dozens of other military vehicles join the battle.

19 May 2020 Regia Marina comes to War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the Italian Navy will arrive to the military online action game War Thunder very soon.  The game will get more than 20 signature Italian warships that served Italy in the 20th century. The testing of the Regia Marina tech tree will begin in a few weeks, with the release of the next major Content Update.

8 May 2020 WW2 allies march together once again in a massive virtual Victory Parade

War Thunder developers reenacted the real Berlin Victory Parade to honor those who fought against evil 75 years ago.

8 May 2020 Enlisted players will storm the Fuhrerbunker this weekend

The new time-limited public playtest of the WW2 shooter will feature a new map, weapons and vehicles.

11 May 2020 Heaven’s Wrath comes to Cuisine Royale

New vehicles, mystic rituals and weapons await the bravest Champions.

1 April 2020 Revolutionary War Thunder controller will bring new players to the world of realistic military action games

Now simulation mode on consoles will become as comfortable as arcade mode.

1 April 2020 War Thunder developers send players into outer space!

And how do you like this, Elon Musk?


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